MagnaFlow #WithAuthority

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While secure with their incredibly passionate, and incredibly knowledgable customer base, there was no denying it; that base was growing older, and needed some fresh blood. MagnaFlow needed a reintroduction to the world, a way to convey their expertise and excellence to the younger, more scrupulous motorsport audience. Something that would fire them up, and help them feel like they are part of a bigger picture.  Beginning with MagnaFlow’s relationships with motorsport celebrities like Mario Andretti, Chip Foose and Arlen Ness, we set out to create a core strategy of celebrating the “Authorities” of motorsports.


We made MagnaFlow a defacto leader in motorsports by giving them the platform to celebrate motorsport excellence. Unveiled at SEMA, is a blog designed to present all manner of “authority” in motorsports. Connecting the “Godfathers” of motorsports with those making significant impact in the field. From drivers, to builders, to technicians, to the kid in his garage building his own rally car. All linked together under the banner of #WithAuthority

With this concept as base, we developed all the initial content for “The Wall” in time for the launch of the campaign at SEMA. We also worked with ChopShop Entertainment to create the initial mini-documentaries that were used as featured content and cut down for broadcast.


While the campaign is still very fresh, the reception to the mini-documentaries and the #WithAuthority campaign launch at SEMA was overwhelmingly positive, and continues freshen up and grow the new MagnaFlow audience, and continues to draw in views exceeding 100,000.

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