Never Compromise – STRONG VOODOO

Brand positioning / creative direction / art direction / video / campaign development / copy / print

Typically golf equipment manufacturers butt heads over who has the most impressive technology. Even though, year after year, they tend to follow the same trends. It’s hard to separate one technology from the other. Often times, manufacturers use their pro-endorsements to break through… showing proof in play. Unfortunately, Never Compromise had to cut through the clutter without a technology story that was unique enough, nor a tour story, but was still compelling enough to capture the imagination of golfers.


The proposed solution easy with a name like the Voodoo Putter. We would build a narrative around the powers of Voodoo technology. Something no other manufacturer could promote. By keeping it fairly tongue in cheek, we would be able to talk game performance, draw attention, and convert readers, viewers and users into a meaningful dialogue about the actual technology and benefits built into the Voodoo line.