TOSHIBA. human innovation.

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The category of network printers exemplifies parody about as much as any category can. Customers buy “grey boxes” and link them into the network… rarely thinking twice about them, and often leaving them underutilized. Toshiba needed to be able to build more value into their products, and break out of the “speeds, feeds and reliability” discussion.


We helped Toshiba rise above the winless debate of features and benefits by carving a position around the innovative thinking that Toshiba’s technology team brings to the fore. The people helping corporate clients set up their network systems, analyzing the use, potential growth, potential pitfalls. Putting all the options on the table, and bringing custom, innovative solutions to each project. Innovation beyond the technology. Enter, the “Human Innovation. strategy”


With a fresh new tact to take to the market, Toshiba’s sales force found new ground to cover with more inspired benefits, resulting in greater opportunities, and considerable higher ticket projects.

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