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It’s no secret that Japan is a world unto itself. Not only is it almost halfway around the globe, but everything about it is foreign. The culture, the language, the customs, the food, the art, everything. Japan National Tourism Organization needed ways to help inspire travelers to explore the Japanese version of their interests. Whether they be culture hounds, adventure seekers, foodies or pop art aficionados – JNTO wanted to create a way to help travelers see what Japan had to offer.


By building the Only in Japan blog into the JNTO website, we were able to create a platform with regularly updated content and information across several categories. With subjects including outdoor adventures, cultural heritage, modern art/architecture and pop culture, we had a way to appeal to virtually every traveler’s interest. This content was also shared across all of JNTO’s social channels, as well as it’s affiliates.


With constant fresh content and promotions, JNTO has seen a huge increase in customer engagement on their website and a 150% + increase in incredibly engaged, incredibly passionate social media fans. People who LOVE having a relationship with Japan.

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