La Salsa- A Fresh-Mex Refresh

Brand positioning / campaign development / art direction / copy / creative direction / design / content marketing / print

Back in 1979, a tiny little one store restaurant in a corner of LA called La Salsa was starting to pioneer an new movement in the restaurant industry. Soon, they developed a great reputation and a hungry and loyal audience for their Fresh Mexican concept. As La Salsa grew and expanded, so did their audience, but, so did the competition as well. By the time we met, stiff competition easily outspending them and out building them. The originator of Fresh Mex, was starting to look and feel a bit stale, and had lost a lot of their swagger, and had begun to rely in cutting prices, and experimental menu items.


After our first few meetings, our goal was clear, we set mission to refresh La Salsa’s image, attitude and confidence all at once. Even with a limited budget and limited messaging platforms, we focused our efforts on bringing fun, personality, and a celebration of flavor back to the brand. We started by simplifying the communications. From product names to POS presentations. We created a single system with a hierarchy of communication. We developed a fun icon that helped present flavor and personality from the brand in a small, talking lime. And then we began bringing more personality to the brand through messaging, social media, events, gift cards, loyalty programs and email communications.


A cleaner, clearer communication led to greater understanding and appreciation of La Salsa’s unique featured products. Especially for the price. Tickets for the promoted products leapt to new heights and customer engagement through email and social media skyrocketed over prior levels.