Brand positioning / campaign development / creative direction / copy / art direction / Ambient Media / web

When Cult first came to us, they had flat sales, little brand recognition, and virtually no defined position aside from their name and the passion of their creative director. This left the sales team, the channels, and the customers – all in an idealogical vacuum. What did “Cult of Individuality” actually mean? We needed to make a bold statement. One that could demand the attention of everyone involved…


When we set out to define what “Cult of Individuality” meant, we wanted to be disruptive. To set ourselves apart, we created a brash mythos of dissension. The “It only takes one” campaign calls on the individual to bring their challenges to the norm out into the light. To stand up for what they believe in and activate their ideas. The position was presented in a brand ethos book for the trade, and carried out through social media, trade marketing, POS and advertising.


Since grabbing the attention of the trade, the channel and the customers with the “It only takes one” positioning, Cult has shaken out of it’s inertia. They’ve seen year over year and season over season growth, and found a voice that they could call in all of their interactions, sometimes disruptive and provocative, other times more inspiring.