Boost Mobile – #HowWeDo

campaign development / creative direction / content / social instigation / copy / video / web




Boost Mobile built a great reputation and connection with it’s customers by being culturally synced, and by truly understanding what they want from a nationwide cellphone carrier; The freedom and affordability of plans that fit their lifestyle without the commitment of contracts. An energetic and vibrant brand with an urban personality, Over years of success, Boost felt like the may have lost that local, urban connection they once enjoyed, and wanted to create the opportunity to re-connect on a more local level, celebrating the communities they’re part of.


The campaign we built evolved from a core of four mini-documentaries developed in conjunction with the content creation company, ChopShop. Each video provided a glimpse of and individual city by sharing stories and ideas from authentic locals.

The #HowWeDo social media campaign set out to foster an emotional connection on a ground level and forge local relationships built on the same shared passions and experiences expressed in those mini-docs. We instigated dialogues and celebrated some of what makes our individual neighborhoods great by sharing unique cut downs from the mini-docs, and meme style images across social media channels.


Between the original mini-docs created by ChopShop and over 120 pieces of social content developed by our team at Budding Culture, the campaign garnered a ton of impressions… more than 2.4 million overall across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Boost Tumblr page. All without any paid media support.