JNTO – how to be a travel ninja

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There are quite a few barriers for travelers considering a trip to Japan. Language and distance are something most young travelers are happy to overcome. But the perception that Japan is an incredibly expensive journey is a little more difficult to change, and a huge barrier to most younger travelers.


To help young travelers understand that there are more affordable ways to explore Japan, we created a Facebook App that challenged people to create their own $100 days in Tokyo. Once they put together a day for under $100- they were entered into contest to win a 7 day trip to Tokyo, including $100 a day. The app also posted their entire day of activities on their Facebook page, inviting friends to join them, making their Facebook fan base grow exponentially. To promote the contest we enlisted the help of YouTube personality, Joe Hanson of Joe Goes fame, to demonstrate how much fun travelers can have exploring Tokyo with just $100 bucks in his pocket.


With word spreading over a broad range of channels including YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Biertijd… the $100/Day Travel Ninja promotion has garnered almost a million views so far. Bringing in thousands of new, passionately engaged fans and helping develop an ongoing daily dialogue about the many unique and affordable ways to explore Japan.