and blow a mind or two

lets get fired up


If you’re like me, it’s because you believe that a union of shared passions can be an incredibly powerful and motivating force. And that by merging those passions with a potent content strategy delivered with dynamic, well executed and measurable tactics we can build authentic, rock solid relationships. The types that lead to benefits for the brand and customer alike.

If that’s not why you came here, maybe it’s why you will stay?


Even as a creative director, I can admit it takes a lot more breakthrough creative to be effective. Without solid, strategic thinking and inspiring messages built into pinpoint tactics, it’s harder than ever for us to learn who a brand is let alone how they fit into our lives. Fortunately, over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fairly exceptional minds in this business, resulting in a huge bag full of tricks.


There’s been all manner of political and legal discourse about whether or not corporations have the position in society as “people”. No matter what side of that fence you fall on, when it comes to marketing, there is only one answer. Yes, corporations are “people.” Or, at the very least, have the ability to relate to their customers as “people.” As leaders, followers, innovators, story tellers, problem solvers, friends, lovers, confidants, coaches, etc.

I try to use this idea as by appealing to an audience viscerally. Through shared passions, we can inspire them, and connect to their heart or to their gut. Then, by following up with relevant tools and information, they tend to validate and cement the relationship with a brand, product or service on their own. Making a much more powerful connection.


My name is John Zegowitz, and I am an instigator.

Throughout my career I’ve strived to deliver a tireless passion and killer results to every project I’ve been involved in. Positioning, creative direction, design, art direction, copy, film, web – My experience spans a broad spectrum of crafts across zillions of disciplines for seemingly bazillions of clients.

I enjoy considering myself more of an “Instigation Director” than a Creative Director. Sure, it sounds pretty self aggrandizing- but don’t blame me, this is what the impact and opportunities of social media and content marketing has led us to.

I believe that strategy, positioning and creative are about the ideas that lead to an honest, enthusiastic, business building, shared experience. Today, the great ideas are the ones that deliver the most valuable currencies of all – genuine participation and sharing. The ideas that cause customers to adopt a brand as something they are willing to wear as a badge – and willing to “endorse” on a personal level.

My name is John Zegowitz, I am lucky enough to live in Laguna Beach, CA.,  blessed enough to have two kids that keep me a little weird, a dog that can read my mind, and a vintage CB750 SuperSport that provides me with the illusion that I’m restoring it into something cool while it sits in storage. And, I am proud to be a Social Instigator.

Let’s talk, and see what kind of passions we can fire up together.